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Career changes are stressful and emotional. You provided comfort, wisdom and experience and were always available. Thank you for being there for us to answer our questions, as well as screen the applicants and bring only those who fit, I could not have asked for better service and was totally satisfied.

Dr. Gene Hoge

Consani Team
Paul Consani Paul Consani 866.348.3811
Joe Consani Joe Consani 866.348.3810
Dick Barnette Dick Barnette 866.348.3813
Joe Consani Sr. Joe Consani Sr. 866.348.3800
Jack Miller DMD Jack Miller DMD 866.348.3819
Denise Jones Denise Jones 866.348.3818
Wendy Hirai Wendy Hirai 866.348.3820
Robert Hirai Robert Hirai 866.348.3821

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